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  The Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists (BRPT) is an independent, non-profit certification board that seeks to cultivate the highest professional and ethical standards for polysomnographic technologists and technicians by providing a strong code of professional conduct and a highly regarded, validated program of competency based testing.

Established in 1978 to benefit the developing field of polysomnographic technology and set credentialing standards for sleep technologists, the BRPT seeks to build and enhance public trust by ensuring that Registered Polysomnographic Technologists (RPSGTs) and Certified Polysomnographic Technicians (CPSGTs) hold the level of core knowledge, skills, abilities and attributes expected of and appropriate to their level of experience in the field of sleep technology. To this end, the BRPT develops, maintains and administers the RPSGT™ credential exam and the CPSGT certificate exam and establishes the BRPT Standards of Conduct for credentialed technologists and technicians.

The BRPT is governed by a twelve member Board of Directors comprised of experts in the field of polysomnography and includes at least one “public” member representing the interests of the consumer / patient community. The Board is international in scope and blends the expertise of technologists and physicians to establish and maintain credentialing guidelines for polysomnographic technologists and technicians.

The BRPT’s credentialing program has grown from eight technologists certified by the first RPSGT™ administration in 1979 to test more than 20,000 Registered Polysomnographic Technologists today. These credentialed technologists have made a commitment to professionalism, competence and ethics. Registered Polysomnographic Technologists have the necessary clinical experience, hold BCLS certification or its equivalent and are governed by the BRPT Standards of Conduct, a code providing guidelines for ethical and professional behavior. Credentialed technologists have demonstrated core knowledge, skills, abilities and attributes by passing the RPSGT™ Exam.

In March 2010 the BRPT launched the CPSGT certificate-level exam, intended specifically for individuals new to a career in sleep. The CPSGT certificate is valid for three years, carries a continuing education requirement, and is positioned as a solid first step to earning the RPSGT credential. CPSGTs have demonstrated a commitment to professionalism, to the BRPT Code of Conduct, and to quality patient care.

The prevalence and multitude of sleep disorders make it important for patients to seek out sleep facilities that employ credentialed technologists and technicians. The RPSGT credential and CPSGT certificate are symbols of quality, responsibility and credibility, indicating that the credentialed technologist and certified technician have a level of knowledge, skills and abilities aligned with their level of experience and tested against a valid competency-based exam.

In 2012, BRPT launched its Clinical Sleep Educator (CSE) Program, offering an assessment-based certificate to qualifying individuals. At the end of 2013, BRPT announced the development of the Certification In Clinical Sleep Health (CCSH) exam, an advanced credentialing examination for healthcare providers who work directly with sleep medicine patients, families and practitioners to coordinate and manage patient care, improve outcomes, educate patients and the community, and advocate for the importance of good sleep. The Certification in Clinical Sleep Health (CCSH) exam was offered for the first time in May 2014.

In addition to administering the RPSGT, CPSGT and CCSH exams in the United States and internationally, the BRPT also maintains the RPSGT registry and CPSGT roster.  The BRPT also provides its Continuing Sleep Technology Education (CSTE) Program for educational providers seeking continuing education credits for their offerings.

The BRPT is a member of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE). The RPSGT exam is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), the accreditation body of ICE.

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