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Maintaining Your CPSGT Certificate


The Certified Polysomnographic Technician (CPSGT) certificate is valid for three years and may not be renewed.  Certificate holders are required to earn and enter their credits into the Portal for them to be reviewed and accepted each year of the 3 years given.  Credits must be entered before each year is up.  Failure to do so will result in the credential being suspended and it will not be eligible for reinstatement.  In order to become credentialed again you must sit for and pass the RPSGT Exam.  Continuing education credits earned to maintain the CPSGT certificate must sleep-related.  Credits granted by one of the Approved Credit Providers will be automatically accepted. Credits earned through another source will be pending until reviewed.  Credits are reviewed on a daily basis, M-F.  Remember: the CPSGT certificate cannot be renewed.  CPSGT certificate holders may apply to sit for the RPSGT exam as soon as they have completed the requirements for the appropriate eligibility pathway.

Please Note:  Once the RPSGT credential is awarded, the CPSGT becomes inactive and may no longer be used as a credential.  An individual may not use both the CPSGT and RPSGT credentials simultaneously.

The RPSGT/CPSGT Career Center is a comprehensive career and recruiting site for sleep technologists.

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