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RPSGT Exam Blueprint


 RPSGT EXAM BLUEPRINT (Effective March 2010)


 DOMAIN I: PRE-STUDY PROCEDURES                                                                          


TASK 1: Select equipment and montage

a. Ensure room is prepared for patient arrival

b. Select equipment

c. Inspect equipment

d. Resolve equipment issue(s)

e. Select montage

 TASK 2: Collect and review paperwork

a. Review procedure order

b. Assess patient history and physical information

c. Clarify discrepancies between order and patient information

d. Contact a physician to clarify an order

e. Verify patient identity

f. Record patient identifier on all documents and systems

g. Obtain consent(s)

h. Administer pre-sleep (bedtime) questionnaire

TASK 3: Apply sensors

a. Identify sensor placements

b. Prepare sensor sites

c. Apply sensors

d. Verify impedances

TASK 4: Educate patients

a. Orient patient to the facility

b. Explain procedure to patient

c. Introduce patient to potential therapy


 DOMAIN II: STUDY PERFORMANCE                                                                              


TASK 1: Calibrate equipment

a. Calibrate recording equipment prior to lights out

b. Perform physiological calibrations prior to lights out

c. Perform physiological calibrations after lights on

d. Calibrate recording equipment after lights on

TASK 2: Document during testing

a. Document technologist actions

b. Document all procedure-related interactions

c. Document technologist observations

d. Document lights out and lights on time

TASK 3: Identify and respond to data issues

a. Identify and respond to artifact

b. Identify and respond to equipment problems

c. Maintain optimal amplifier settings

TASK 4: Identify and respond to patient needs

a. Identify and respond to physiological data

b. Identify  and respond to clinical events

c. Identify and respond to patient needs

d. Identify and respond to medical emergencies


 DOMAIN III: THERAPEUTIC INTERVENTION                                                               


TASK 1: Assess need for treatment and intervention

a. Determine treatment intervention

b. Select and fit mask/interface

TASK 2: Titrate PAP and oxygen

a. Titrate CPAP

b. Titrate Bi-level PAP

c. Titrate Bi-level PAP with backup rate

d. Add airway pressure release ventilation (e.g. C-Flex™, EPR™)

e. Titrate supplemental oxygen

TASK 3: Troubleshooting

a. Identify and resolve titration, mask/interface  and leak values

d. Apply PAP humidification


 DOMAIN IV: POST-STUDY PROCEDURES                                                                    


TASK 1: Remove, clean, and disinfect sensors and interfaces

TASK 2: Perform patient discharge procedures

a. Ensure completion of patient questionnaires

b. Explain follow-up care and next steps to patient

TASK 3: Summarize and store data

a. Complete technologist summary

b. Save raw data

c. Securely store protected patient information

d. Identify records requiring immediate review and notify physicians

e. Participate in quality assurance activities


 DOMAIN V: SCORING AND DATA ANALYSIS                                                              


TASK 1: Staging sleep and arousal

a. Score sleep stages

b. Score arousals

c. Associate arousals with events

TASK 2: Score respiratory events

a. Score respiratory events

b. Score desaturations

TASK 3: Score movements

a. Score periodic limb movements

b. Score rhythmic movements

c.  Score  bruxism

TASK 4: Score cardiac

a. Score cardiac events

TASK 5: Identify waveform variations and artifact

a. Identify variations in waveform morphology

b. Differentiate artifact from physiological data

c. Identify REM- and NREM-related parasomnia features

TASK 6: Generate report

a. Verify accuracy of scored data

b. Tabulate reporting parameters

c. Calculate indices

d. Summarize data

e. Document and respond to abnormal behavior and findings

f. Create a report and verify accuracy

TASK 7:   Archive  data

a. Verify scored data is saved

b. Archive study


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