All RPSGT & CCSH certification holders must recertify every five years in order to retain the use of the RPSGT & CCSH credentials. To recertify, RPSGTs & CCSHs must either earn 50 continuing education credits during their 5-year credential window or retake and pass the RPSGT & CCSH exam. Make sure you know your certification expiration dates and recertification deadlines. Expiration dates can be verified by searching our Credential Holder Directory or logging into the Self Service Portal.

Please Be Aware

Keep your email address up to date in order to receive important reminders and alerts! You can request your email be changed by clicking here.

The CPR you submit with your recertification application must be earned in a live/skills setting.

All credits submitted must follow our Recertification Guidelines by being directly sleep or sleep-respiratory related unless pre-approved for CSTE credits.

We do not accept duplicated courses earned online within their 5 year window.

The Extension of Credits Option does not keep your credential active beyond your expiration date. Learn more about this Option by clicking here.

Be sure to enter your ISR’s, Journal’s, Case of the Month’s and A2Zzz’s the right way! Click here for instructions.

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