A Snapshot of CCSH Credential Holders

By Andrea Ramberg, AS, RPSGT, CCSH


With more than 800 CCSH credential holders in the field working today, we thought it would be a good time to gather some of their thoughts and insights on how they’re using the credential.

At the beginning of the year, we issued a survey and had a great response with approximately 200 respondents – nearly 70 percent of whom report using their credential on a daily basis! Of these respondents, more than half use their credential in a hospital setting.

Education plays a major role: nearly 65 percent of respondents use their credential in an educational role; 30 percent to facilitate community-wide efforts, 23 percent to educate sleep techs on staff, and 10 percent to educate physicians.

One respondent noted, “I would like to see more patient education done in the sleep lab itself and not just primarily in the physician appointments and DME locations. Every interaction with the patient is an opportunity to discover how we can give them a better, more tolerable experience.”

In terms of follow-up care provided — the vast majority (nearly 80 percent) help patients trouble shoot CPAP problems.

Added one respondent, “The CCSH is a great tool as a liaison between the physician and patient. At the physician’s office where I work, I am often asked by the physician for input on patients’ sleep studies and therapy options. “

And, of course, we must be able to bill for these services. Only 16 percent of respondents indicated they are currently billing for CCSH-related activity.  The best way to rectify this is to take action by meeting with the administration and risk management teams in our facilities to ensure they understand the power of this credential.  By working directly with patients to create the best care plan possible, CCSH credential holders provide an important cost-saving solution by reducing readmissions and cutting back on physician time.  The ability to bill for the CCSH-related activity will come once we change the conversation.

CCSH credential holders have taken the next step in their career; let’s all work together to spread the word about the value of this credential.  Together we can create the future of sleep!

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