Continuing Sleep Technology Education (CSTE) Program

At a time when continuing education is of paramount importance to our field, the BRPT is committed to facilitating the approval of high quality continuing education opportunities to meet the professional needs of sleep technicians and technologists, and other healthcare professionals working in clinical sleep health.


High quality continuing education opportunities are an integral part of a sleep technologist’s professional development. In a dynamic and rapidly changing field, it’s critical all technologists remain up to date. To that end, all educational programs considered for approval should be relevant to the scope of practice including the areas addressed by BRPT exam content and general sleep medicine education as well as new technology and its application in the delivery of sleep medicine. Device demonstrations and topics relating to business/lab management are not always considered relevant to the scope of practice. Education pathways for CSTE credits include Live/Lecture and Self-Learning formats.

CSTE Criteria

  • Planned and conducted by qualified individuals.
  • Address an identified need within the sleep technology profession.
  • Contain specific written learning objectives.
  • Program content and instructional methods lead to specific learning objections.
  • An evaluation method is used to determine if the learning objectives were obtained.
  • A post-test is required for Self-Learning Programs.

Live/Lecture CSTE Program Categories & Fees

  • Education Program/Seminar $125:
    • 1-2 day multiple topic session
    • Up to 8 hours per day in length
  • Lecture/In-Service/Case Conference:
    • 1-2 hours in length
      • Single $50
      • Annual $450 (12 monthly, multiple topics)
  • Webinar/Live via Internet:
    • 1-2 hours in length
      • Single $50
      • Annual $450 (12 monthly, multiple topics)

Self-Learning CSTE Program Categories & Fees

  • Computer-Based Learning:
    • Pre-recorded medium with no direct teacher/student interaction
      • Single $50 (1-2 hours in length)
      • Series $125 (Up to 8 hours in length, multiple topics)

The approval granted for a Live/Lecture program is for the date of the event or series of events only. The approval granted for a Self-Learning program is for the period of time one-year after the date of CSTE approval. Completed applications must be submitted electronically at least 30 days prior to the event for processing to assure BRPT has sufficient time to process the application. Applications submitted less than 30 days prior  are subject to a late fee of $50.  Renewal applications  will be accepted no more than 60 days prior to the program’s current expiration date.

CSTE Application

CSTE Tracking Sheet template

CSTE Evaluation Form template



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