BRPT Welcomes Dental Hygienists as an Approved Healthcare Credential for CCSH Eligibility Under Pathway 2

By Jim Magruder
BRPT Executive Director

At a recent BRPT Board of Director’s meeting, the Board voted to accept Dental Hygienists as an approved healthcare credential for CCSH eligibility under Pathway 2 (effective immediately).

We’ve received a lot of positive feedback about the dual role Dentists and Dental Hygienists play in treating patients with sleep disorders. Including Dental Hygienists as an approved healthcare credential makes perfect sense given the close proximity in which they work with Dentists to collaborate on treatment options. The Board is excited to see the role of the CCSH credential holder continuing to expand.

In addition, we’re very much looking forward to hosting a special forum at the AAST 2018 Annual Meeting on September 28 in Indianapolis, IN. The forum, entitled Going Beyond The RPSGT Credential – The Increasing Relevance of the CCSH Credential in Today’s Healthcare Environment, will showcase how leaders in the field are putting their CCSH credential into practice AND successfully billing for it.

The program, which is also an opportunity to earn 4 continuing education credits, is a free add-on to AAST members during the conference early bird registration period which ends July 26 so be sure to register asap!

And, all you need to know about obtaining the CCSH credential can be found on our website: About the CCSH Credential

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