BRPT’s Credentialing Director Earns Important Designation for Certification Professionals

By Lydia Pelliccia, BRPT Communications Director

We’re delighted to report that our very own Ashley Shelton, BRPT’s Credentialing Director, has earned the Credentialing Specialist certificate after completing the Institute For Credentialing Excellence (ICE) assessment-based certificate program for credentialing professionals.

ICE recognizes certification has become a profession that requires its own unique competencies. The assessment-based Certificate Program for the Credentialing Specialist was created to:

  • Identify the tasks required of a certification professional and the skills and knowledge needed to practice;
  • Provide a clear career pathway for individuals who are developing, implementing, and maintaining quality certification programs; and,
  • Recognize those who have attained the requisite skills and knowledge.

Through this Program, Ashley was able to supplement her specialized knowledge by taking courses covering topics that ranged from accreditation standards, policies and procedures, psychometrics and exam development to governance and legal issues.

Many of you have had the opportunity to interact with Ashley and know as well as we do that she’s a wealth of knowledge and our “go to” source on all things BRPT-credentials related. Congrats Ashley on taking it to the next level – we know we will all benefit from this!

Interested in learning more about ICE and how we work hard to maintain high standards for our programs? Visit

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