Four Basic A-STEP Modules Dropped from RPSGT Pathway #1 and Pathway #4 Eligibility Requirements; Four New Supplementary Modules Added

The Board of Registered Polysomnograhic Technologists has announced a modification in the A-STEP self-learning module requirement for RPSGT Pathway #1 and Pathway #4 candidates. Candidates testing after January 1, 2011 will not be required to complete the following four basic A-STEP modules:

  • Evaluation of Sleep
  • Pediatrics
  • Patient Assessment
  • Patient Interaction and Professional Behavior

The following four A-STEP supplementary modules have been added to the Pathway #1 and Pathway #4 eligibility requirements:

  • Supplementary Module 1: Waveforms
  • Supplementary Module 2: Sleep Stages
  • Supplementary Module 3: Scoring Respiratory Events
  • Supplementary Module 4: Arousals, EEG Abnormalities, Movements and Cardiac Events

Candidates applying to sit for the RPSGT exam under Pathway #1 or Pathway #4 and planning to test after January 1, 2011 must submit proof of the four designated supplementary A-STEP modules to establish eligibility to test. The total number of A-STEP modules required to establish eligibility under Pathways #1 and #4 remains at 14.

Notes BRPT President Janice East, “The decision to realign the Pathway #1 and Pathway #4 eligibility requirements was made after a careful review of RPSGT candidate performance over several testing cycles. Candidates have performed consistently well in the areas covered by the four basic modules eliminated from the RPSGT eligibility requirements. The four supplementary modules address areas of consistent weakness in candidate performance. We are always working to balance the overall cost associated with sitting for the RPSGT exam with our profession’s strong commitment to education. With that in mind, we have held the number of required modules at 14. We want to emphasize, however, that candidates – and particularly Pathway #1 candidates, who are not required to complete a full A-STEP program – are strongly encouraged to complete all A-STEP self-learning modules as part of their preparation to sit for the RPSGT exam.”

Full information regarding eligibility requirements for the RPSGT exam is available at

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