Spotlight on: Courtney Hinrichs, MPH, CCSH, RPSGT, who is a Practice Manager at UCI Health – Sleep Medicine in Newport Beach, CA

In Their Words – BRPT Credential Holders Share Their Stories

As BRPT celebrates its 45th anniversary, we reached out to credential holders who’ve held and retained a BRPT credential for a number of years. Many graciously offered to share their experiences, highlights, career paths and advice with us.

Spotlight on: Courtney Hinrichs, MPH, CCSH, RPSGT, who is a Practice Manager at UCI Health – Sleep Medicine in Newport Beach, CA

Courtney has been in the field of sleep medicine for nearly 16 years. In addition to being a practice manager, Courtney also serves on the BRPT Exam Development Committee. Courtney began her career at Loma Linda University Medical Center in Southern California where she received the training and experience necessary to sit for the RPSGT exam under Pathway 1.  After earning the RPSGT credential, Courtney joined Children’s Hospital of Orange County leading their multi-site sleep center. In 2018, Courtney joined University of California, Irvine Health with the opening of their comprehensive sleep program.

Earning the RPSGT credential allowed me to demonstrate my knowledge and experience.  The RPSGT credential is the gold standard for certifications in sleep medicine for sleep technologists. Passing the RPSGT exam and obtaining the credential means a sleep technologist has the most comprehensive knowledge, skill, ability, and attributes necessary to practice in the field.

“My favorite part of working in the field of sleep medicine is our broad patient population. I really enjoy educating and advocating for patients and their families who have different backgrounds, life experiences, and varied health needs. Earning the CCSH credential reflects my advanced knowledge in patient education and management. Sleep is an essential pillar of overall health, well-being, and longevity, which impacts everyone. I have had the privilege of caring for and conducting studies on patients of all ages; from the youngest in the neonatal intensive care unit, to patients well into their 90s.

“Investing in the future of our field is also important to me. It’s important to support the growth and success of the next generation of technologists. Annually, I host a career workshop for graduating polysomnography students which includes mock interviews and resume reviews. But, we go further than that. My team also welcomes second year polysomnography students to present a “PSG Hook-up and Showcase”. This allows students to have discussions with practicing RPSGTs on strategies for PSG hook-up and the importance of wire management for quality studies and patient comfort.

“I also firmly believe in the importance of the RPSGT exam to remain strenuous and effective at ensuring those who obtain the credential genuinely know the content and will represent the RPSGT credential – and our field – in a professional manner. When I was invited to join the BRPT’s Exam Development Committee, I jumped at the opportunity! It’s been an absolute pleasure to ‘nerd out’ on all things sleep and I love the work we’re doing. I’m very excited to be a small part of upholding the gold standard of the RPSGT exam and look forward to another 45 years of the BRPT.”

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