The BRPT Exams – Always Striving For Excellence

The BRPT Exams – Always Striving For Excellence

By Rachel Mouton, RPSGT, CCSH, LPN

Chair, BRPT Exam Development Committee

The CCSH, RPSGT, and CPSGT exams are developed by teams of experienced item writers / Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) under the direction of an Exam Development Committee (EDC). Chief among our goals is to ensure the development of high quality examinations. This is an ongoing process where we meet both in person a couple of times a year and virtually, to review and develop test questions.  To that end, we are asking our sleep professional colleagues to please contribute graphics – to help build our library of examples from which to choose – for variousexam questions.

If you’re willing to contribute graphics, please include your contact information, your willingness to participate further in test development, and any questions you may have.

When submitting graphics, please adhere to the following guidelines:

1. All patient and personal data must be removed (name, date of birth, date of study).

2.  Scoring labels must be removed (snores, respiratory events, sleep stages, etc.).

3.  Channels must be clearly identified and according to AASM guidelines.

4.  Include time markers (30 second, 120 second epoch, 75 Hz, etc.).

5.  Colors must be bold; pastel colors do not represent well on exams.

6.  Please provide graphics in PNG format.

Submissions should be sent via email to the BRPT’s Chair of the Exam Development Committee: [email protected]

Your support is greatly appreciated!

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