You Worked Hard To Earn Your Credential And Now You Want The Certificate To Celebrate Your Achievement

The BRPT is thrilled with the long-standing partnership it has established with The Award Group to design, develop and produce the physical certifications that hang on your office or clinic walls, and those that fit perfectly inside your wallet.

We took a few moments to speak with Jamie George, a representative of The Award Group, to share some insights on the order processing and fulfilment process, which takes approximately 6-8 weeks.

“Every month, we ask clients to place their orders during a set two-week time period, after which all orders are processed,” said Jamie George.  “Once that batch of orders is placed, we begin the next two-week cycle.”

Jamie went on to explain that the next phase includes a printing and proofing period in which all orders are sent to The Award Group’s art department for a series of proofs and reviews to ensure they are free of any errors. Once proofs are finalized and approved, certificates and wallet cards are then printed. This phase takes approximately 1.5 weeks. The final phase of the process is order fulfillment wherein the shipping labels are printed and matched to corresponding certificate and wallet cards and then mailed. This phase takes about 1.5 weeks after which credential holders will receive their gold emblem printed certificate and corresponding wallet card at no cost.

“I am proud to hold my RPSGT and CCSH credentials and therefore wanted a way to show that to the world,” said BRPT President Andrea Ramberg, MS, CCSH, RPSGT. “I ordered two custom frames and they did not disappoint. While the frames are not complimentary, they’re high quality, the perfect size, and allow me to proudly display my credentials.”

Alternatives To A Printed Certificate

It’s important to note that the BRPT offers newly credentialed or recertified technologists the opportunity to request a PDF version of their certificate, which they will receive in 3-5 business days. The BRPT charges a PDF Request/Processing fee of $25 for this expedited service. Over the years, many credential holders have taken advantage of this opportunity to obtain a duplicate certificate in the event they need documentation of their credential right away or if the original has been misplaced.

In addition, credential holders can request that the BRPT send an official Verification Letter of their credential to either a state licensure board or employer/other verification entity; this can be done by logging into the BRPT’s  Self Service Portal. All Verification Letter requests require a $25.00 processing fee and take 1-5 business days.

Finally, we offer a Primary Source Verification Directory on the BRPT website – for employers or any other entity – for official verification of the status of a credential holder. This service can be accessed through our Credential Holder Directory and is free of charge.

We’re pleased to offer a couple of options to make sure you receive your certificate in the most convenient way for you.

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