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CPSGT Examination Blueprint - Effective July 1, 2013


The CPSGT examination consists of 75 multiple choice items. Of these, 60 items count toward the candidates’ scores and 15 are pretest items that are not scored.

General Knowledge Required:  Medical terminology, safety, verbal and written communication skills, ethics, patient confidentiality, basic patient care and emergency procedures, basic math skills and basic calculations, basic knowledge of computers.

A Successful Candidate Will Have Basic Knowledge Of:  Sleep apnea and diagnostic criteria, practice parameters for sleep apnea, adult testing procedures for sleep apnea, instrumentation, scoring rules for sleep stages, arousals, respiratory events, EEG waveform morphology, sleep physiology, respiratory physiology, cardiac physiology, intervention/treatment/CPAP therapy.


TASK A:  Collect and review patient information   7-13%
i.     Clinician's orders
ii.    History and physical
iii.   Medications
iv.   Patient interview
v.    Questionnaires
vi.   Patient accommodations
vii.  At-risk patients

TASK B:  Prepare for PSG and CPAP titration   7-9%
i.     Patient/family orientation and expectations
ii.    Equipment
iii.   Supplies
iv.   Montages

TASK C:  Identify and apply sensors   13-20%
i.     Anatomically appropriate locations
ii.    Site preparation and application
iii.   Impedance verification

TASK D:  Calibrate    4-8%
i.     Recording device
ii.    Physiologic verification

TASK E:  Perform Procedures  11-16%
i.      Adult PSG protocol
ii.     Unattended portable monitoring

TASK F:  Document during testing   5-11%
i.      Observations at regular interviews
ii.     Significant findings
iii.    External disrupting influences
iv.    Interventions

TASK G:  Identify and respond to issues   11-16%
i.       Basic artifacts
ii.      Equipment malfunction
iII      Physiologic/clinical events
Iv.     Emergencies
 v.     Patient needs

TASK H:  Clean/disinfect equipment    <1%


TASK A:  Adult Scoring   19-20%

i.       Sleep stages
ii.      Arousals
          a.  Spontaneous
          b.  Event associated
iii.     Respiratory events
iv.     Desaturations
v.      AHI calculation
vi.     Narrative summary

TASK B:  Verify data is recorded and saved    <1%


TASK A:  Contraindications   1-4%

TASK B:  Titrate CPAP   16-19%
i.        Adult therapy guidelines
ii.       Intentional leak levels
iii.     Appropriate CPAP interface
          a.  Patient acclimation
          b.  Proper interface fit
iv.      Troubleshooting
          a.  Interface intolerance
          b. Pressure intolerance
          c.  Humidification


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