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A Note To A-STEP Candidates

As a result of the changes that the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) made to the A-STEP program introduced in January 2012, candidates enrolling in the A-STEP on-line modules as of January 1, 2012 are required to complete ALL of the A-STEP modules to meet eligibility for the RPSGT and CPSGT exams.

Candidates who were enrolled in the A-STEP on-line modules prior to January 1, 2012, and complete the current A-STEP module requirement for the RPSGT or CPSGT exam by April 2, 2012, do not need to enroll in the new A-STEP modules to qualify for an exam. Candidates that have documentation of completion of the A-STEP modules currently required for the RPSGT or CPSGT exam can use them for exam eligibility for 3 years after the date of program completion. Candidates may not use a combination of modules from the new and old A-STEP program to meet exam eligibility.

Education for Sleep Technologists

As a credentialing organization, BRPT is not able to provide educational programs to prepare applicants for the RPSGT or CPSGT exams: we cannot “teach to the test.” Click on the link to CAAHEP- and CoARC-Accredited Programs below to learn more about educational programs which will qualify you for the RPSGT exam. Also see below for more information on BRPT STAR Programs.

CAAHEP- and CoARC-Accredited Programs
CAAHEP is the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs. CoARC is the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care. Both of these organizations provide accreditation for various programs in the allied health disciplines.

Click here for a list of all accepted CAAHEP- and CoARC-Accredited programs

CAAHEP/CoARC Standards and Guidelines for the Polysomnographic Technology Profession

Sleep Technology Approved Resource: (STAR) Designation for Education Programs
The BRPT reviews education programs for exam eligibility and awards programs the STAR designation. Programs can receive STAR designation in one or more of the following categories: Self-Study, Focused, and Focused 2 education. Self-Study programs consist of organized, self-paced, education tracts that are often computer-based. Focused programs include both self-study or expanded classroom education and at least 80 hours of lecture and on-site skills training. Focused 2 programs include at least 80 hours of lecture and on-site skills training and MUST be paired with a Self-Study program to meet eligibility requirements for RPSGT Pathway 4. The Focused 2 program and Self-Study program can be from the same STAR education providers or different STAR providers.

Click Here for more information about STAR programs.


The RPSGT/CPSGT Career Center is a comprehensive career and recruiting site for sleep technologists.

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