In Their Words – BRPT Credential Holders Share Their Stories

As BRPT celebrates its 45th anniversary, we reached out to credential holders who’ve held and retained a BRPT credential for a number of years. Many graciously offered to share their experiences, highlights, career paths and advice with us.

Spotlight on: Kenan Hoelke, BS, RPSGT, RST, CCSH who is a Sleep Researcher in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Kenan has been in sleep for nearly 22 years. In addition to being a Sleep Researcher, Kenan is a BRPT Board member and Chair of the Exam Development Committee.

“It’s important for me to hold and retain the BRPT’s RPSGT and CCSH credentials mainly because of the BRPT’s Continuing Education Credits (CEC) requirements. With other sleep technologist credentials available around the world, few to none require the credential holder to renew their credentials with continuing education. By enforcing this requirement, the BRPT is helping promote the growth of sleep medicine by ensuring that its technologists are adhering to industry standards and aware of advancing technology.

For me, the best part about being a sleep health professional is being able to provide advice about sleep to individuals with questions and/or concerns; earning the CCSH credential is validation that I am knowledgeable in these areas.”

“For others interested in pursuing the sleep profession, it’s important to know that there are endless possibilities within the encompassing sleep world. Continuously push your boundaries and comfort levels, who knows where you might land or what you might end up doing in this fast, exciting and ever changing world of sleep.”

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