RPSGT References

RPSGT Examination Primary References

The following texts are provided by BRPT™ as suggested primary reference materials to assist applicants for the Registered Polysomnographic Technologist (RPSGT™) credential in preparation for the RPSGT™ Examination.

The BRPT™ presents this list in the sincere hope that it will serve to enhance the knowledge and skill level of those desiring to demonstrate professional competence in the field of sleep technology. We encourage you to use these references as just one “tool” in your journey towards achieving the RPSGT™ designation.

This list is not intended to be inclusive of all potentially useful resources nor does inclusion on this list constitute an endorsement by the BRPT™ or any officers or representatives of the BRPT™. The BRPT™ does not endorse any particular book as being completely accurate and we recommend that applicants utilize multiple resources in the process of preparation for the exam.

Links to purchase these materials directly from this page are provided for your convenience, but you are in no way required to obtain the references from this site.

Good luck in your preparation!

The current professional standards and guidelines are available at no charge at http://www.aasmnet.org/:

Numerous sleep technology and medicine text books are available for candidates such as:

Sleep and Sleep-Related Organizations

Most professional associations have educational areas on their websites.

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